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Estate Planning

Estate planning is a topic that few individuals like to talk about for a number of reasons. To begin with, estate planning deals with feelings and attitudes towards topics that most individuals prefer to ignore. These include death, marriage, property, and family. Many individuals fear the responsibility of making decisions today that will impact their loved ones for years to come. And with all of the financial issues that individuals currently face such as dealing with volatile markets and providing enough savings for a secure retirement, it’s not surprising that estate planning is oftentimes a forgotten topic.



Piecemeal advice makes no sense. You don’t have a plan until you see your entire financial picture within a larger context.




Given the complexity of estate planning and the amount of resources and information that is required, individuals need a team of professionals who can step in and take charge. They need a team who can oversee the creation of estate planning strategies that can take advantage of tax-saving opportunities, avoid probate and ensure a seamless transition of their estate when they die. This is where Capital Management Group can help. We understand our clients’ complete financial picture. With our extensive professional network and our ability to effectively work with our clients’ tax and legal professionals, we help give our clients the confidence that their plan will meet its stated objectives. Whether it’s constructing a plan that protects assets from creditors, litigants and divorce or provides for multi-generations’ needs and the successful transfer of family values, our team gives our clients the clarity they seek when it comes to planning for their estate.


Through estate planning strategies, we seek to help our clients’ families experience savings by helping to minimize their estate tax obligations.


Estate planning is all about the legacy that you wish to leave behind. With careful planning you may be able to leave a legacy that positively reflects the impact of your life.